You want to know who you are hiring and “should” be asking a few basic questions before you hire any contractor or cleaning company. Here are just a few.

Do you need to see my Flathead Valley property before hand?

To ensure the best results, you’ll be asked to schedule a FREE in-person consultation. Our Operations Manager will work with you to develop a custom work order for your property, which will convert your space’s needs into clearly defined tasks for our cleaners. All you need to do is give us a call or shoot us an email, and schedule a time with us.

Are your employee’s screened?

We perform background checks and reference checks as part of the hiring process.

Generally, the most important question clients have is, “who is the person cleaning my building?” Our hiring system configures background history to employ an honest and trustworthy team.

In general, we always check an applicant’s:

  • State, Local and Federal Criminal History
  • Worker’s Compensation Records
  • Previous Employment
  • Must be over 18 years old

Do you use eco-friendly products?

Definitely! Our products are green certified, microfiber cloths, biodegradable and commercial grade products to reduce harmful chemicals and promote cleaner solutions for you and our staff.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, our team is scheduled out to fill our employee’s time card. Keeping an employee busy means we can keep them with us. An under scheduled employee means their checks are short. So as we plan our week we block out time to do your project meaning they are not scheduled to work on another project, shorting their paycheck.

We like our team to be a regular for you and for us, so we pay them for their missing time, if it is due to a client call out in less than 24 hours. If we do not get at least a 24 hour cancellation or reschedule, we will need to bill you for half the job for that day. This ensures that our team is paid for their missing time. And it ensures that we keep the same people coming to your job site every time.

Are you licensed and Insured?

Never hire an unlicensed, or uninsured contractor. The liability you are taking on when you hire a contractor that is not properly licensed or insured for your project is unbelievable. And no your home owners will not cover if they are not licensed and properly insured. The financial burden of an accident could cause you serious harm. It’s not work the few dollars in savings of hiring someone who is cheaper just because they do not have to pay the liabilities we do to protect you. (our client)

What locations do you serve?

We are local and service anywhere in the Flathead Valley.
Columbia Falls
Woods Bay
and more….

If you have any other questions please feel free to call and schedule a walk through/meet and greet. 406.260.5761